Stolen £30,000 Stik Sculptures Returned to Community

Three sculptures valued at over £300,000 have been returned to Dalston Eastern Curve Garden in Hackney, London almost a year after they went missing. The artworks had been donated by Hackney based artist STIK at the opening of the Garden a decade ago and were stolen last November in a coordinated night-time raid only weeks after a similar sculpture raised £150,000 in a charity sale at Christie’s.

STIK with the Missing Sculptures at the Curve Garden with Brian Cumming and Marie Murray and their dog Holly

STIK with the Missing Sculptures at the Curve Garden with Brian Cumming and Marie Murray and their dog Holly


There has been a growing trend of thefts of STIK’s street works due to the exponential increasing market value of his individual pieces. The three sculptures stolen from the Garden which were listed on the Art Loss Register, two of which were badly damaged in the raid, were returned in June 2019 by a concerned collector who wished to remain anonymous. 


“We were devastated when the sculptures were stolen, they have been with us since the beginning and we are overjoyed to have them back” said Marie Murray, co-director of the Curve Garden. “I sometimes authenticate the sale of a public artwork if the proceeds go back to the community they were created for but this was not one of these occasions” said STIK who recently destroyed a large haul of unauthenticated public artworks pulled from the market as a protest against the misappropriation of public artworks.


In 2011British Artist STIK painted a large mural in Gdansk, Poland with Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art. Afterwards STIK stopped off to make another, collaborative mural with young people from the local community which they titled ‘It’s Complicated’. In 2014 unbeknown to STIK both murals, each painted on a shipping container, went missing and reappeared in a London gallery, cut into pieces and severed at the hands selling at around £30,000 a piece.


The works had been ‘acquired’ by Lamberty Antiques and after STIK publicly condemned the sale, pieces spread to Bankrobber, then Galerie Kronsbein in Germany. One of the young people who had been involved in making the mural, known only as ‘Miss Take’ founder of the collective ‘Graffiti Ladies’, campaigned for the next five years alongside STIK for the return of the mural.

STIK and Miss Take at the Institute of Art and Law

STIK and Miss Take at the Institute of Art and Law

Finally, in 2019 after much campaigningpetitioning and rallying public support an agreement was reached with Lamberty and the young people's community mural was completely recovered and then shipped to Gdansk. The majority of the pieces of the other missing solo mural by STIK were retrieved and destroyed in England by the artist to prevent them re-entering the market and the missing pieces remain listed on teh Art Loss Register.

"I only permit the sale of street artworks when the money goes directly back to the community it was painted for." said STIK who regularly generates funding for charities around the world in this way. Miss Take said "I’m really happy to see the mural coming back to Gdansk, it has been really hard work to get it back where it belongs. Finally!". The mural currently sits in a storage facility on the outskirts of Gdansk hoping to find a more public place to live…

The return of the mural was made possible by Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Boodle Hatfield LLP, Graffiti Ladies, Miss Take, The Institute of Art and Law, Tim Maxwell, Becky Shaw, Rudy Capildeo, Fred Clark, Michael Edenborough QC, Enrico Bonadio, Ania Szynwelska, Jadwiga Charzynska, Alex Herman, Detective George Demetriou, Richard Roberts, Kinga at JLSW, The British Council, Art Loss Register, James Ratcliffe, Flight Logistics, Steve Moxin Riedlin, Russell Perkins, RYCA, Jo Brooks, Urban Art Association, Jack Cerrano, Wayne Anthony, Mikey Dread, Robin Phillips, Claude Crommelin, Ana Laurini, Kilburn Strode, Carrollanne Lindley, Anthony Haden-Guest, Lois Stavsky, Jack Cerrano, Printspace,, Giles Angel, Sheila Chandra, Grayson Perry, SOSM, Mariusz Jaksik, Hackney Citizen, Hackney Gazette, Vandalog, Graffiti Street, The Art Newspaper, Melanie Gerlis, DACS, Evelinka, RSH, Richard, Invader, Clet Abraham, Artscore, Mr. Simon, Ling Mann, Emiliano, Kevin, New Waverly Studios and everyone who signed the petition. 

Piece of Britain’s tallest mural by STIK salvaged by locals raises £193,750

Britain’s tallest mural ‘Big Mother’ a protest by artist STIK against the destruction of social (public) housing has finally come to the end of its life when the 14-storey social housing block it was painted on was demolished this autumn. STIK says that its destruction has immortalised the meaning behind the mural.

Meanwhile, locals were quick to recognise the potential value of the smaller mother and child figure painted at the base of the mural and salvaged the life-size artwork before works began and, with the help of the artist, the piece was stabilised and encased in a sturdy steel frame.

Stik and Rachel Pepper from ARTification at Phillips auction (photo LDNgraffiti).

Stik and Rachel Pepper from ARTification at Phillips auction (photo LDNgraffiti).

big mother, charles hocking house 2014 side view.JPG

The artwork, painted painted on half a ton of brickwork was placed in Phillips auction where it sold for a record £193,750 ($247,500). Proceeds from the artwork, with the second highest price achieved in the sale, has gone to ARTification, a local community arts and cultural charity.

“’Big Mother’ is about the importance of social housing to those who live there, it’s demolition has immortalised this message. Rachel Pepper and the ARTification team helped me create the original ‘Big Mother’ mural and I hope that the sale of this piece will help them to continue their ground-breaking work in the community.”



“The sale of ‘Big Mother’ is a life-line for our charity and has secured our future as a cultural hub. This will help us to continue working with displaced and marginalised people to deliver community-led art and cultural projects, creating a happier, stronger community for years to come.           “          

-Rachel pepper, ARTification


We’re especially pleased to have set a new world auction record for Stik’s 'Big Mother', which sold for over seven times its pre-sale estimate, selling for £193,750 with proceeds going to a very worthy cause.”

-Simon Tovey, Head of the New Now Sale in London 

Miniature STIK artwork at base of Mural

Miniature STIK artwork at base of Mural


Big Mother

Britain’s tallest mural demolished, locals salvage section for sale.

Photo Big Mother Charles Hocking House 2014

Photo Big Mother Charles Hocking House 2014

Britain’s tallest mural ‘Big Mother’ by street artist STIK has been demolished but locals have rescued a section of the artwork to raise money for their arts program. The 38.2m (125 ft) mural, painted on the south side of social housing tower block Charles Hocking House in 2014, depicts a mother and child figure gazing forlornly out across the West London skyline. So tall it was clearly visible from planes leaving Heathrow Airport the mural became a symbol of protest against the destruction of social housing, a message immortalised by its recent demolition.

‘Big Mother’ Demolition

‘Big Mother’ Demolition

Local charity Artification, who run a free arts program for council residents fought to salvage the 280cm (9ft) spray-painted brick section of the mural before its demolition, and with the support of the artist STIK have had it stabilised, framed and placed in auction. The artwork, named ‘Big Mother’ after the original mural, is on display at the NEW NOW exhibition at Phillips, London and will go under the hammer on 5 December 2018.

stik and Rachel Pepper from Artification credit LDNGraffiti

stik and Rachel Pepper from Artification credit LDNGraffiti

International street artist STIK who prefers to remain anonymous only authenticates the sale of street artworks when it is to benefit the local community. Another of STIK’s street artworks sold at Christies for £150,000 earlier this year.

“‘Big Mother’ represents vulnerable families and the need for public housing. The destruction of the public housing block it was painted on only adds to its meaning.”


"ARTification is a community rooted cultural arts charity that responds creatively to the needs of local residents. It has been an amazing adventure knowing and working with Stik as he imagined, created and shared the message of Big Mother. We are honoured to now benefit from the Charity Auction of Little Big Mother. The proceeds will enable ARTification to deepen and extend our work celebrating art, culture and community."  

-Rachel Pepper, ARTification

“I’m a single mum and I used to live on the 9 th floor of the building made famous by the Big Mother mural. We really felt the artwork was for us and it made it a pleasure to come home each day. After they ripped it down they re-housed me and my 10 year old son in another estate nearby and guess what?… they are regenerating this estate too and we know what means”.

-Farzana, former resident of Charles Hocking House


Drone Footage of the creation and demolition of ‘Big Mother’








Phillips Auction lot 14 STIK ‘Big Mother’:


Independent feature on Big Mother 2014:


BBC Front Row 2014:


Telegraph 2014:


Christies previous sale:

Stik Sculpture Gets Planning Permission.

16th March 2018

‘Holding Hands’ representing love and respect between people whoever they are.

‘Holding Hands’ representing love and respect between people whoever they are.

A 4 metre (12 ft.) steel STIK Sculpture will soon be appearing in East London 985 x 280 x 40 mm. After many months of planning the 'Holding Hands Sculpture' has been given official planning permission. The sculpture is currently in production. Updates coming soon…



Big Mother Maquette charity sale at Christies.

'Little Big Mother' Acrylic on Wood 985mm X 280mm985 x 280 x 40 mm

'Little Big Mother' Acrylic on Wood 985mm X 280mm985 x 280 x 40 mm

The hand-painted maquette of the 'Big Mother' mural titled 'Little Big Mother' is to be auctioned at Christies London days before the demolition of Charles-Hocking House upon which 'Big Mother' is painted to draw attention to the importance of social housing. Proceeds will go to 'My Mural', an initiative that enables social housing residents to curate the art on their own estates.




Stik and Sheila Chandra to host second ‘Organizing for Creative People’ masterclass.

Creative team Sheila Chandra and STIK take questions from the audience

Creative team Sheila Chandra and STIK take questions from the audience

Stik and Sheila Chandra host their second masterclass at Mind, Body, Spirit festival, Olympia, London. The talk is based on best-selling Book 'Organiszing for Creative People' and will include an extensive Q & A session for professional and aspiring creatives alike.

Tickets available here:

Fake STIK ‘Easter Eggs’ to be withdrawn from sale

5th April 2017

Galerie Kronsbein in Munich, Germany has promised not to sell copyright infringing ‘Easter Eggs’ that reproduce STIK's artwork ‘Sleeping Baby’. STIK was not consulted in the production of these works.  

STIK has no commercial or other relationship with Galerie Kronsbein and he does not endorse the exhibition being held at the gallery nor will he be appearing.

All official charitable sales are carefully co-ordinated by STIK’s studio. Full details can be found at:

Stik Pride Banner Auction fundraiser for LGBTQ+ Exhibition

03 April 2017

The official banner made by artist STIK for the borough of Hackney in the Pride in London Parade will go on sale at Christies Auction.

Stik Pride Banner at Christies,   King Street this week.

Stik Pride Banner at Christies, King Street this week.

The hand-stitched, rich cotton appliqué banner is STIK’s tribute to the original LGBTQ+ rainbow flag created by Gilbert Baker who died this week age 65. Funds raised will go to Project Indigo, who will be curating a major exhibition and archive at Hackney Museum celebrating and documenting the LGBTQ+ legacy of the area.

Hackney artist Stik says: “I am proud to present this banner to the LGBTQ+ community and hope to see its legacy live on."

Online bidding (Lot 48 | Sale 14935) runs from the 4th to the 13th April 2017 and the banner is on display at Christies King Street, London.

Pride Banner at Pride in London 2016.

Pride Banner at Pride in London 2016.

The book features a selection of large format photographs of Stik's unofficial street murals spanning over a decade, across three continents and reveals for the first time the stories and motivations behind them.


Stik offers Community Grant to Local LGBTQ+ Organisations.

The official Hackney 2016 Pride in London Banner designed by Stik will be auctioned at Christies to raise funds for a local LGBTQ+ organisation or charity. Based on recent auction sales of £35,000 this sale promises to be a substantial funding opportunity. Hackney Council who commissioned the banner will be assisting Stik in the selection process, applications for the grant can be made HERE.

Stik says: “I was delighted to represent Hackney in the London Pride parade last year. Our vibrant and varied community is known around the world and I am proud to live here.”

The banner is currently on display at Hackney Museum.  

Read the full story HERE.

Petition for Return of Community Mural

Please sign and share this petition created by the young people of Gdansk, Poland who are campaigning for the return of their community mural:


We are the young people of Gdańsk

In 2011 our local art centre Laznia invited British street artist Stik to Gdansk, Poland and asked him to paint a community mural with us. It is called ‘To Skomplikowane’ (‘It’s Complicated’). It was funded by local money and painted on shipping containers. This is the beginning of our story. In 2014 our work went missing from Gdańsk and bits of the mural were later found in Lamberty Gallery in London, some cut in place where Stik figures were holding hands. We were not consulted, neither was Stik or Laznia.

We don't want the work to be used by a stranger for commercial use or to be put up for sale. The artwork we made with Stik was about community and being together but it has been cut up. Now it's about splitting community to make money, a sad symbol of today’s world. We believe that our work can inspire many and give hope for people living where the mural was originally placed. 

We are demanding for the mural to be sent back and we hope that you will do the right thing, Mr Lamberty. 

If you want to support our project:

You can support our work by signing the petition and by sharing our story with your family and friends. Please help us to get our artwork back. We can't do this without your support.

Stik Street Artwork Raises £35,000 At Auction To Save Arts Centre


Stik (second from left) and the Magpie Collective at Phillips December 2016 ‘New Now’ Auction London with artwork, ‘Magpie’

Stik (second from left) and the Magpie Collective at Phillips December 2016 ‘New Now’ Auction London with artwork, ‘Magpie’

12th December 2016, London/Bristol: A Stik street art piece has been sold at Phillips Auction in London for £35,000 to raise funds for the relocation of the Magpie Social Centre in Bristol. The piece was painted on the outside wall of the building back in 2009 on one of Stik’s trips to the city and was rediscovered shortly before the collective were evicted earlier this year. Stik only permits the sale of his street artworks when the money raised goes directly back to the community and he readily agreed to help them place the sale.

Lee Guy, one of the directors of the new Magpie Project Space enthused: “We’re grateful to Stik for authenticating this artwork and to Phillips auction for their generous support in the sale. The money raised will ensure that the Magpie will live on as a free arts space for our community for years to come.”

The collective who formerly squatted the vacant lot for 10 years are now browsing various properties in the Bristol area.

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    The former Magpie Building at Ashley Road, Stokes Croft, Bristol (Photo by Dave Stuart)

The former Magpie Building at Ashley Road, Stokes Croft, Bristol (Photo by Dave Stuart)

Upcoming Stik sale at Phillips Auction to raise funds for Magpie Social Centre

Stik met with the director of Magpie Project Space this week to authenticate the fundraiser sale on Thursday 8th December at Phillips Auction. Seen here at the private view the sale is expected to raise enough funds to rehouse the community centre.

Stik with Natty Lee form Magpie Social Centre at Phillips Auction Private view.


Lot 90
New Now
London Auction
8 December 2016

Signed, dated and authenticated 'STIK 2009 2016' on the reverse. Spray paint on wood, in artist's frame.
139 x 29.8 cm (54 3/4 x 11 3/4 in.)
Executed in 2009. This work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by the artist's studio.

£8,000 - 12,000

Contact Specialist
Simon Tovey
Head of Sale
+44 20 7318 4084

This lot is an original street art work from the front wall of the Magpie Social Centre in Bristol, which had to give up its premises earlier this year. The artist has agreed to authenticate the panel so that proceeds can fund the relocation of the social centre.

Stik Helps Rehouse Bristol Social Centre

Stik Authenticates Magpie Social Centre Mural:

Street Artist Stik has agreed to authenticate and approve the sale of a street art piece he once painted on the front of the Magpie Social Centre in Bristol. This piece appeared in 2009 on the front wall of the not-for-profit social centre which was evicted earlier this year and is currently looking for a new premises.

Stik states: “The Magpie Social Centre was one of the free spaces that actively encouraged street art and helped me to become the artist I am today. I don’t generally approve of the sale of street pieces but here I will make an exception. It gives me great pleasure to authenticate this piece so that Magpie can continue to support the next generation of artists.”

Stik only authenticates street artworks when all proceeds benefit the community they were painted for. The artist was approached by the community centre earlier this year and helped set up the sale with London auction house Phillips. The piece titled ‘Magpie’ has been preserved, framed and logged and comes with a certificate of authenticity. This fundraising system has been set up to counteract the removal and unauthenticated trade in street artworks.

The log of all authenticated street artworks can be found at

Lot 90 'Magpie' 2009

 ‘Magpie’ (2009)

Phillips, London Auction, New Now.08 December 2016 Lot 90

Spray Paint on Wood, in Artist's Frame
139 x 29.8 cm (54 3/4 x 11 3/4 in.)
Estimate: £8,000 - 12,000

Comes with Artist’s Certificate of Authenticity.

Stik Signing and Poster Giveaway

New York - 21st July 6-8pm

Win a pair of signed, un-folded artist’s proof Stik posters at Strand Books.

Anyone who buys a copy of ‘STIK’ or brings in a pre-purchased copy of the book to Strand Books for Stik to sign is eligible to enter a lottery to win a pair of artist’s unfolded, cardstock Stik posters, signed by Stik himself. The posters, one orange and one teal, are number one of only five artist’s proofs and depict the same image seen on the folded poster in the book (pictured).

Thursday 21st July

CONTACT: 212.473.1452
NEW YORK, NY 10003

Press Contact:

Stik contact:

Strand Bookshop events:

Penguin Books:

STIK - New York book signing at Strand Bookshop

July 21st 2016, 6pm-8pm

Stik will be signing copies of his book ‘Stik’ published by Penguin at Strand Bookshop. The historical venue is just minutes away from Stik’s iconic water tower ‘Union’ on Union Square.

For the first time ever Stik shares his personal archive of working photographs and recounts the social and personal motivations behind each of his murals in this beautifully designed and produced art book, from unauthorised pieces painted on the streets of East London when the artist was homeless through to the giant international murals for which he has become famous. This book is the culmination of 15 years of work and is a unique insight into the artist’s world.



This 220 page hardback edition is bound in lush red canvas and finished with black and white foils. The first edition comes with a free, limited edition lithograph poster in one of two unique colours, Teal and Orange which Stik will be signing on the day.


CONTACT: 212.473.1452
NEW YORK, NY 10003

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Stik contact:

Strand Bookshop events:

Penguin Books:

Stik UK signing: